Cultural Programs 2003 – 2024

Annual Sinulog Festival:

(Spiritual Director) Rev Eugene T. Batungbacal C.Ss.R. (Father Eugene) (Co- Directors), Lynnie Huynh, Chit Barker, The Sinulog-Santo Niño Festival is an annual cultural and religious festival to celebrate and honor the Señor Santo Niño or the Child Jesus (originated in Cebu city). It is a celebration of thanksgiving, intercession, petition, and adoration to STO NINO child king who touched many lives. He is always with us and guides us in our difficult times.” The Fest usually includes prayer sessions (novenas), a Holy Mass, cultural program, and the traditional Sinulog dance presentations. And as usual with Filipino events, there would be an abundance of food. Images of various types and sizes of the Holy Child will be in abundance. In addition to reasons of faith, occasions like this also enhance camaraderie and provide glimpses of the Filipino culture that even non-Filipinos and foreign- born children appreciate.

Philippine Pinoy Expo:

A fund-raising event to obtain financial support for PCGoM’s existing programs. Presentation of members’ talents as well as other ethnic cultural groups to introduce, to exchange, and to share culture tradition and heritage during entertainment. To showcase variety of Filipino food through vendors, international fashion shows of different countries, and sharing talents. To introduce Filipino Parol/ lantern and how to make them. To provide games for our children.

Multi-Cultural Summer Picnic:

A get together during summertime in appreciation of our volunteers assistance, everyone’s participation in our events, and their overall support to our group. In addition, we extended our invitation to other Asian and other ethnic cultural groups to introduce and exchange/share their culture tradition and heritage with us.

Simbang Gabi:

Philippines called “Simbang Gabi” which is literally translated as “Night Mass.” In the Philippines, the mass is celebrated at dawn which is still considered nighttime just before the rooster crows. It is celebrated as a novena during the month of December; nine consecutive days of celebrating the Holy Mass leading up to Christmas Day.  In the United States, the tradition continues but with an altered form. It is celebrated at nighttime rather than at the crack of dawn. Many parishes would host one evening mass rather than the full nine days. People will usually go from one parish to another for the duration of the novena. One may consider this tradition is similar to the Mexican tradition of “the Posadas.” The main difference however is that the evening is highlighted with the celebration of Mass and is often followed by Filipino hospitality of food and cultural dances.

PCGoM Choir:

The intention is to learn and perform English, Tagalog songs, and provide cultural performance for the Tagalog English Religious Cultural Mass and to the community at large to form awareness of the Philippine Culture.

PCGOM Religious Praying and Sharing Group

Is the spiritual wing of PCGOM spearheaded by Cecilia Batungbacal and Lily Willmer. The intention is to have a Patriotic Rosary prayer once a month and have a bus trip to visits religious places.

Tagalog-English Religious Cultural Mass:

Officiated by our Filipino priest. This is PCGoM’s gesture for spiritual support amongst the Filipino Americans and their families residing in West Michigan. A complete mass ceremony is being offered every year, including baptism, confirmation, wedding vows, last rites, and funeral liturgy/mass for those Filipino-Americans and members of their families who passed away. The intention is to continue and share our Culture priorities which are our family Values and Faith. In addition, an introduction of Dialects, Traditions like pagmamano, and exchange of varieties of cooking is presented at this event.

PCGoM Dance Troupe:

Through different dances and music, we can share and represent different provinces’ culture and their costumes/attire. PCGoM continues to exhibit this goal amongst the Filipino Americans in West Michigan, as well as educating the community at-large of its culture/heritage/ethnicity.

Beauty Pageants:

The purpose of this program is to give our PCGoM (family mother, family daughters, sister, granddaughters, and nieces) an opportunity to help PCGoM raise funds to support our Student Scholarship, Children Program, and our newest Free Health Fair program (FHF). The new FHF program is provided to the community FREE. Any family PAID member of PCGoM (daughters, sisters, granddaughters, and nieces) ages 5 years old and up can enter as candidate.

Dual Citizenship and Philippine Passport Renewal:

Chit Barker (Director)

Provided to Filipino and assist them for their dual Citizenship and Philippine passport renewal once a year instead of traveling to Chicago and to meet the Consulate General and staff to discuss needs.

Youth Day Camp:

To provide and share the Philippine Culture and Heritage to the descendants/children who were born and raised here in the United States. Emphasis of this program is to educate our young children so that they too can effectively present the same within the society. The following are offered in Filipino cultural activities to our young children to participate to:

-Learn some conversational Tagalog
-Philippine history/customs/traditions
-Filipino food (prep demonstration)
-Filipino traditional sports/games
-Filipino Folk dances and music
-Youth Day Camp (smoke free program)
-Fun Field Trip and more…

Student Grant/Scholarship:

(Director) LilyWillmer
Assistants: Marithes Jacobus, Ruby Skibinski, Lily Willmer, Nora Tan

To provide our student grants to assist them even if it’s only a small amount to help with school needs. Criterias are: ¼ Filipino descent, Written Essay why grant is needed, and at least 3.5 GPA .

Annual Halloween Party:

The intention is to provide a safe and entertaining environment for our children as well as their parent’s to celebrate Halloween and incorporate some of our tradition and culture as well. We invite other Asian and othe ethnic cultural groups also in this event. Introduction of Halloween to other Asian who have not have exposure and practice in their country of this celebration.

Senior Program:

To provide our elders 55 years old and above, information on Health Concerns, Government Assistance, as well as Entertain them. This program will also bring our Filipino-American elders together and a chance to meet with one another, a purpose of gathering information to determine needs and/or eligibility for services; develops recreational activities (Bingo, movie, video shows, field trips, and other relaxing social activities, including arts and craft sessions, to decrease the elders’ feeling of isolation and increase their socialization and community participation. This is also an opportunity to bring speakers in, allied health professionals, and local community members who can offer their helping hands, in the hope to serve our elderly in giving them support, as well as their family members.

Various Fund Raising Events/Parties:

Variety of fund raising events to obtain financial support to PCGoM’s existing program. Presentation of Awards of appreciation to our donors, volunteer assistance, everyone’s participation to our events, and an over pouring support to our group. In addition, we extended our invitation to other Asians as well as other ethnic cultural groups to introduce and exchange and to share their culture tradition and heritage with us during entertainment.