A Letter from the founder

Chit Barker is the founder of the Philippine Cultural Group of Michigan mostly known to you as PCGoM started the association in 2003, purposely to share her passion to serve and represent the Filipino-American community in West Michigan. She is gladly to say,”It is my honor and with pleasure to share my goal and my greatest desire to preserve and nurture our Filipino heritage by educating, and presenting, our rich and beautiful Filipino culture within our Filipino-American community. We also strive to do the same with our children, so that they too can effectively embrace and present the same within our society and live it to the fullest.” In addition, Chit has been making every effort to follow on PCGoM’s goal to build a strong unified Filipino-American community within our separate groups and other organizations, with emphasis on harmony and respect for each other. She said, “With friendship, understanding, and acceptance we are able to encourage each other to showcase our country, our people, and
culture with our very own community, as well as within the diverse cultural community at large.” Under her leadership, PCGoM Officers and Board of
Directors have represented our Filipino-American in West Michigan, as well as collaborated / reached out for partnerships with other groups and organizations, and even traveled out of town to attend many of their events. In her remarks, “I am delighted to let you all know that as
PCGoM continues to make progress, I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU ALL – Members, countless volunteers, as well as our PCGoM Leaders (Officers and Board of Directors) – with your endless efforts and dedication, we are able to effectively present our purpose successfully into our communities and others!” On behalf of PCGoM, I wish to see you all soon in our events and programs.